I am currently a high school student studying in Canada.
Taught myself C in Grade Four, I speak C, Python, Rust, et al. to computers.

About Me

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Why I started to learn to program?

It's really a long story. Long being known as the "science nerd" of the school, I got to know the magazine named 《无线电》["The Wireless"] when I was addicted to making crystal radio back in Grade 3. It was what that informed me about Linux and open-source hardware.

However, it was Swift, which was announced in 2014 really motivated me to learn to program. Nonetheless, I chose to learn C as my first language because of its closer relationship to the hardware, with which I was more familiar back then.

My Projects

I mainly program in C and Python, Rust is also becoming one of my favorites.


As one of my first projects, it brought me to the world of C and programming. It may not look very useful, but it is very important in my heart. Click here to read more!


Finding existing shells too complicated and hard to be ported to non-POSIX platforms, I started psh as not only a study project, but also an approach to a modular UNIX shell. Read more here.


Abbreviation of the Z Cross Build Environment, this is a cross build manager. It is equipped with useful features like concurrent building and dependency tracking thanks to Python's asynchronous API. Here comes its usage.


Everyone create many coding snippets over time. This is my collection, grouped by programming languages. Head over to read more!


Playing music is one of my favorite pastimes. L like to experiment with the guitar, the harmonica and the accordion.

Being an environmentalist, I love to hang out with my friends, go outdoors, collect rubbish, and leave no trace.

As a active person, tennis, basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee are all sports that I play.


I am currently a high school student.

Primary School Attached to Yunnan Normal University

Having a long history, this is where I started learning about life and taught myself  to program.

Yunnan University Secondary School

My middle school, where I met a group of great people and enjoyed a happy and thoughtful life.

UWC Changshu China

UWC makes education a force to unite people, nations and cultures for peace and a sustainable future.

Pearson College UWC

An interesting journey to get on to!