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Welcome Back, My Blog

Welcome back. The first thing that you will NOT notice is that the password is gone. Well - no one should have noticed this, because no one can see whether this is a blog or not with that password.

This blog is without doubt one of my longest-kept continuous journals. Well, I do keep a diary. But that was a year after this blog… Anyway.

To whom it may concern, I’ve said that the password was added to protect privacy - and that remains correct - All previous sensitive posts have been not only removed but also erased. You know, the internet may not have memory, but we as humans obviously do.

During this four years’ journey with this blog and the three years with my diary, I have learned to appreciate my own history by looking back at it. Never will I try to erase my history, yet I will not prevent others from erasing theirs from me - that’s a fundamental human right. That’s why my diary will never be open to the public, and that’s also why this blog is open so that people can come and understand me:

I’m here: always here to listen to you, and keep what I’ve heard as is.

I’m also here: to tell my own stories, and convey the very self of mine.